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These are Atheist Republic Voicemails sent to us from atheists from all around the world. 

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Oct 20, 2018

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In this episode of the Atheist Republic Voicemails, people who left religion are the highlight. From being religious to non-religious, these people share their stories on their path to atheism and appreciation to it. Listen to their stories.  

From Tunisia, the first speaker expresses his suffering from religious people and his family. He feels constricted to live the life that he wants.

The second speaker sends his message to the Atheist Republic saying that he has known the page for a year or two now and it has influenced his life. 

A well-travelled Australian man who has spent a lot of time in Israel, Asia, and some Islamic countries, the third speaker mentioned that he does not blame Muslims for being the way they are as they have been brought up that way. He added that we need to get as much information out there as possible for people to understand different views and ideas.

From Florida, the fourth speaker thanks the Atheist Republic. He spoke encouraging words.

The fifth speaker was once a believer. He came to the website and left as a non-believer.

Another inspiring message from the sixth speaker who got out of the bible belt. She appreciates the group for what it is doing.

Through intense study, the last speaker set his path to atheism. Today, he is an atheist but he gives his children the chance to explore their own religious beliefs. He added that the world is more fascinating through science and exploration.

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