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These are Atheist Republic Voicemails sent to us from atheists from all around the world. 

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Sep 30, 2019

These are messages left from atheists in different countries. Listen to their voicemails. And consider leaving your own message 🎀

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A positive message from the first speaker, he hopes for a world free of religion.

From the Philippines, the second speaker is an ex-Catholic atheist. He wants people to know how religion has been influencing the government's decision in passing laws in the country. He discusses to us the Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity and Expression Equality Bill. It is intended to prevent acts of discrimination against people based on their sexual orientation.

An ex-Muslim from Bangladesh, the third speaker shares with us that he hides his real identity and wishes for the time that it would be safer for atheists to come out openly especially in his country.

The fourth speaker is from the United States. She tells us how religion broke her friendship despite living in a fairly liberal area.

Fifth and the last speaker is grateful of Atheist Republic and send us encouraging messages.

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