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These are Atheist Republic Voicemails sent to us from atheists from all around the world. 

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Oct 18, 2017

In this episode of the Atheist Republic Voicemails, you’ll hear the stories of six men from around the world: Pakistan, the United Kingdom, France, Nigeria, Egypt, and the United States (via Bahrain). These brave men have all suffered due to their brave choice to reject God – but know that their choice has cost them dearly and may cost them more yet.

From Karachi, Pakistan, we hear about the issues that atheists face in this Islamic Republic, home to religious fanatics and shariah law where apostasy – a rejection of God – is punishable by death. Despite the challenges he faces, he remains firm in the conviction of his atheist beliefs.

From the United Kingdom, we hear of a young former Muslim suffering emotional abuse at the hands of those who should love him most: his family. Bereft of support, he contemplates suicide as a possible way out.

Across the English Channel in France, a bright young Frenchman speaks of his former love of God, and the life-changing event which made him turn to atheism instead. Today, he writes songs and poems which challenge Christians to think – and question – their religious belief.

In Nigeria, we hear how the destructive force of religion is tearing a country apart – while the fanatic Islamist forces of Boko Haram devastate the North of the country, the Christian south also has its issues. Across the continent, we hear how society in Egypt deals with atheists.

Finally, across the Atlantic to the United States, where we hear the sad tale of a man whose family is from Bahrain; devout Muslims, his rejection of the faith he grew up with in favor of the rationalism of atheism has left him in fear of his life – and not just from his family.

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