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These are Atheist Republic Voicemails sent to us from atheists from all around the world. 

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Nov 11, 2017

The German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche once said, “God is dead.” In this episode of Atheist Republic Voicemail, atheists and some theists from all four corners of the world share their own stories. Some are angry, some are fearful – but all believe that God is indeed dead – or deaf to humanity’s plight.

The first few speakers speak directly to this omnipresent, invisible, non-existent power that holds sway over millions – revealing that they are not atheist, simply coming to speak out against our lack of faith in God; but we let them speak anyway.

17-year-old Shayna from Morocco is unsure of her Islamic faith, but has virtually no-one to confide in; as a result, she feels lost and alone, seeking to find someone who understands and supports her.

Halfway across the world in Pakistan, a bisexual atheist seeks asylum in another country, wishing to be free to be who he is. For now, he keeps his true nature hidden, scared to be a free man – but seeking his freedom all the same.

Speaker 8 is 16 and questioning the blind faith of those around him in a God that lets the world’s atrocities and tragedies happen without doing anything. No-one can give him answers, least of all God. He is left with the one question: “Why?”

Speaker 9 shares a shocking story from his youth, in which a pastor told him he was responsible for his grandfather’s death for lack of praying. Angry, and amazed at the pastor’s insolence, he said two simple words and turned his back on God and his church.

Elsewhere in the United States, an atheist with an Islamic background shares how the community has shunned him for his lack of belief. Despite the isolation, he remains strong, exploring the Koran, and exposing the dangerous, harmful lies that its exponents use to bring misery around the world.

Kayden from Utah speaks to support the site – and wants more breakdowns on the Book of Mormon and LDS church, a prominent, conservative force in her region. Across in Arizona, a brother and a sister meet for the first time in 18 years – but their meeting is marred by her family’s Catholicism and what he perceives as her attempts to convert him.

Amin from Malaysia expresses concern at the increasing “Arabization” of some of his friend – and fearful to show them that he is an atheist. Stuck in the closet, he wonders when he can finally be who he is, in a country that he sees growing more religious each year.

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