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These are Atheist Republic Voicemails sent to us from atheists from all around the world. 

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Nov 23, 2017

Who, or what is God, and why does he hold such terrible power over the human consciousness? Why do followers of God persecute those who don’t believe? In this sixth episode of Atheist Republic Voicemail, ten speakers from around the world share their story. All are different, but all are real.

Speaker one raises an interesting question on a statement we made some weeks ago – and asks listeners what they think is the answer to a thought-provoking question on the nature of God, and our problematical statement.

From the USA, speaker two is a proud atheist who reveals he was a practicing Mormon for an incredible 50 years. Peter, from Sweden, explains how his country – a famous bastion of freedom where people are free to practice or not without fear of persecution – something that many atheists can’t enjoy, even in the United States.

In Morocco, Sam reveals that he is tired of hating religion, and seeks a breakthrough, or a new perspective in combating his negative emotions. As a former Muslim, he battles the strength of other people’s faith daily but now finds himself seeking a peaceful balance.

Speaker six grew up in a secular home in a Catholic country, and recalls a funny, yet sad story of a conversation he had with another child aged just nine years old about the rain – and whether or not it was God shaving his beard; he remembers his confusion as the dichotomy between science and faith left him with big questions and few answers.

Obaid Omer, an ex-Muslim American, shares his story, and how he is treated for his race and former religion in the current political climate. He goes on to note that he is fortunate, as those who live in Muslim countries cannot speak up – and asks people to remember that ex-Muslims can help us all shed light on where Islam has gone wrong.

Jeff, a Canadian council member of Atheist Republic, responds to the Pakistani philosopher seeking moral support. He reminds him to stay strong, find friends, and remember he is not alone.

A message from Assad of Atheist Factor asks people to remember to be kind and keep an open heart and mind while teaching children to always question everything that they think they know.

Finally, speaker ten is a 29-year-old Muslim. Formerly a fundamentalist, he has since realized the error of his former ways and is now agnostic – and unable to tell anyone. As he drives forward into his transformation, he revels in his newfound freedom without the confines – and diktats – of religion.

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